Complementary in-car Wifi

Need to send an email? Check your train is running on time? Take advantage of wireless internet access whilst you travel.

Wireless internet provided by o2 In-Car Wifi. Technology - Wifio2 Car Wifi

*reliability subject to network signal on the o2 network.

Pay By Card

Technology - Card Payments

Prefer to pay electronically? We provide the facility to accept card payments in car, completely mobile. Completely secure.

  • Have the receipt emailed or send as a text message
  • Powered by Sum-Up Card Reader technology
  • All major cards accepted
  • No charge for credit/debit card payments

Accepted Cards

Technology - Accepted Cards

Mains Power Supply Available

Going on a long journey? Need to work on a project before a meeting?

Technology - Mains Supply

If you have a laptop computer that requires a charge, our vehicles are fitted with 240v AC power so that you never have to worry about running out of energy.

  • Charge your Lap Top/Tablet/Mobile
  • UK 3 Pin plug type
  • 300w Max energy output (suitable for all laptop chargers)